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Soul Hideout has been around for over a decade but Soul Hideout officially became our baby in November of 2017. We opened our doors on December 7th, 2017. 7 is one of our favorite numbers and December 7th holds a special anniversary for us. Soul Hideout is owned and operated by a local duo that is inspired to create a community-minded atmosphere. Soul Hideout aims to be more than just a store, we want to offer you tools for a lifestyle that feels supported. We understand that we come from all walks of life and philosophies & Soul Hideout just wants to help you feel supported in your lifestyle. 


Soul Hideout is a gem & has seriously so many gems within, from the products to the people & pooches. Soul Hideout is a boutique that offers tools to people on their journeys. Some people come to us on the ultimate quest to transcendence, some folks come in because they think rocks & products from the earth are cool. Soul Hideout is an open canvas in which our customers are free to paint their own ideals of what the store can offer them. The only belief we hold is that kindness is the ultimate foundation & everyone deserves to be met with it.


Community Events

Soul Hideout also hosts lots of community events, like Furry Friends Friday. Every Friday from 12-4 we showcase a Humane Society animal or 8 from the Estevan Humane Society. We post them on our social media and offer the community the opportunity to come on down and meet them. This helps to get the animals socialized and when we get lucky someone walks in falls in love and adopts them. It’s the best!

In the book nook, we have a selection of books that are donated; Anyone is welcome to take a book (or five!) and in return, we ask that you donate to the Estevan Humane Society.

We have hosted Bright Eyes Dog Rescue in the book nook and had it filled with puppies for the community to meet. We sell tickets and Estevan Humane Society Merchandise as well! 

We offer the space to many healers in the community to come in and offer services such as readings, massages, reiki or reflexology, angel connections, hypnotherapy, and past life readings. Basically, you name it and show a passion for it and we will provide the space for you. 

Soul Hideout often hosts group circles and gatherings as well. Pre-Covid-19, we hosted New Moon & Full Moon ceremonies twice a month. These ceremonies gathered the women of our community together to be seen, heard, and supported on our journeys. These circles were so powerful and we look forward to being able to host these again soon!

Soul Hideout Crew


☼ Sagittarius ☽ Pisces ↑ Aquarius

Kelsey is the owner and operator of Soul Hideout. Kelsey absolutely adores owning Soul Hideout and can be found working the storefront most days with her little one-eyed dog Penny. Kelsey’s passion for spiritual work started in 2010 and she can’t remember a time that she wasn’t obsessed with astrology. Kelsey studied in Nova Scotia to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and later became a yoga teacher.  Kelsey’s favourite Crystals are Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Labradorite and Natural Citrine. Her favourite part about working at Soul Hideout is the people, she is naturally extroverted and she loves the fact that she gets to be a professional visitor and actually help people while being crazy busy managing a brick and mortar & e-commerce business.


☼ Libra ☽ Leo ↑ Leo

Lacie is the OG staff member of Soul Hideout and Kelsey’s big sister!! Lacie is a lovely Libra and deserves all the credit and recognition for making Soul Hideout look beautiful. Lacie is the quiet curator of capturing Soul Hideout on most of our social media platforms. Lacie is accompanied by her Soul Doggo Jupiter most times that you find her at the store. Lacie & Jupiter are the loveliest duo and without them, the store wouldn’t be what it is today. Lacie also works as a physiotherapy assistant & is a Yoga instructor within the community. Lacie’s favourite Crystals are Pink Amethyst, Green Moss Agate, Kyanite, and Optical Calcite. Her favourite part of working at the store is DJ-ing tunes, creating bracelets for people, and helping people connect to their spiritual side, and of course bringing Jupiter to work with her.


☼ Sagittarius ☽ Aries ↑ Gemini

Bree & her dog Billy started working at Soul Hideout in the very beginning. Bree is like a third sister in the group and adds the emo flare every good rock shop needs. Bree absolutely loves reading and being super cozy with a cup of coffee or a slurpee (if you ever bring Bree a coffee at work; make sure it’s sweet, this lady likes everything as sweet as she is). Bree’s favourite Crystal is Lepidolite and her favourite part of working at the shop is the welcoming environment & the wonderful humans she has met while working.


☼ Scorpio ☽ Scorpio ↑ Libra

Melony is our spiritual guru of the store; we all visit Melony for divine healing when we get out of sorts. Melony has a Bachelor in Metaphysical Science from Sedona University and is a Certified Metaphysical Practitioner from Delphi University. And that’s not all folks; Melony is also a Reiki Master and Teacher. Melony is the most well-studied on the team and we feel blessed to have her in the store whenever she is here. Melony owns Prairie Serenity Holistic Healing where she provides a number of healing services. Mel’s favourite Crystal is high vibin Crystal Quartz. Her favourite part of Soul Hideout is being a part of something so beautiful for our community and also visiting with customers.


☼ Virgo ☽ Virgo ↑ Scorpio

We welcomed Sydney as a member of our staff because she fit in so well on the days that she would offer Reiki sessions in the book nook. Sydney loves to work with children and is an educational assistant at a local school in town. She also pursues a lifestyle as a wellness coach and personal trainer when she has free time. Syd’s favourite Crystal is the lovely Moonstone and her favourite part of working at the store is all the cool new people she meets!


Sun and Moon are in Capricorn and her Ascendant(rising) is in Virgo

Trista started with the Soul Hideout team in March of 2022. Her favorite part of working at Soul Hideout is connecting with all the beautiful souls that come through and helping them find what they are searching for.

Trista’s favorite crystals are: Labradorite, Black Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Citrine and Tigers Eye. Stop by and say Hi to Trista!

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508 12th Avenue,
Unit #9,
Estevan, SK  S4A 1E7


Mon-Fri: 10:00am-5:00pm
Sat: 11:00am-4:00pm
Sun: Closed



(306) 634-7685

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