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Soul Hideout is a metaphysical store. Metaphysics is described as the branch of philosophy which deals with the nature of the universe, relating to transcendence or a reality beyond what is perceptible to the senses.

And that is just what Soul Hideout is; a place in which everyone is free to form their own meaning to what the space can provide for them. It is a space free from judgment to allow every being to come exactly as they are. We offer a space to be witnessed on their journey, through the triumphs and heartbreaks that life is sure to provide.

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“One of the most wonderful shops I have visited. I walked into the shop and was immediately welcomed by both workers and I was at ease immediately. The energy was warm and welcoming in the store and I felt right at home. And it smelled so good! I can’t wait to become a regular customer.”


Love the Little Rock shop on the corner! My favorite place to shop in Estevan, every time I walk in something new catches my eye and I rarely leave without purchasing something. Over the past 2 years, I’ve learned so much about astrology, crystals, tarot cards, and rescue animals. Furry friends Friday will always be one of my favorites!! I think the most important thing I’ve learned from Soul Hideout/your social media pages is how important self-care is!! Soul Hideout is such a safe space that I’ve had conversations there that I haven’t had with my closest friends and family. Because of these conversations, I’ve sought out all kinds of different therapies and I don’t know where I’d be had I not found Soul Hideout. It’s honestly so much more than a Little Rock shop on the corner!!! Brings so much value to the community! Highly recommend a visit!!


Hello, I would like to share the impact your store has had on me! To me, Soul Hideout is more than a store but a place where I can go to feel safe, welcomed, and comfortable. A lot of the items in Soul Hideout have helped me tons throughout the past years and I’m really grateful for that. I have been going there since before Kelsey took ownership, and she definitely has done amazing things with the place. Soul Hideout is my favourite local store to support, not only because of Kelsey and all the outstanding things she does for our community, but she also makes sure to fill her store with items that are locally and ethically sourced. For example, Daybreak Mill products, the singing bowls from India, or the swings and other items from Bali that help local creators from there! They also greatly support the Estevan Humane Society (which I hold very dear to my heart) through helping fundraisers, furry friend Fridays, and selling merchandise! I’m privileged to know Kelsey, she has a huge heart and is honestly a huge inspiration to me. No matter who you are, you are sure to be welcomed when you go to Soul Hideout! Kelsey always has a huge smile, is easy to talk to, and has lots of knowledge. Overall Soul Hideout contributes to our community in a positive, responsible, and sustainable way and I’m very happy to support them!


“The #1 place to visit if ever near or in Estevan. Beautiful store, beautiful people. Owner Kelsey and her sister Lace are two of the kindest, coolest people I’ve ever met. Do yourself (and your soul) a favour and check out this hidden gem of the prairies!”


I always enjoy going in and being greeted by friendly faces who are just as excited as I am about crystals, gems, and new stuff!! Once I go, so often I feel like Kelsey really knows me and what I’m interested in and she is always thrilled to give me information and tips on new crystals to add to my crystal family.


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508 12th Avenue,
Unit #9,
Estevan, SK  S4A 1E7


Mon-Fri: 11:11am-5:30pm
Sat: 11:11am-4:00pm
Sun: Closed



(306) 634-7685

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